About us

Why Online Learning?

Online learning is getting more and more popular, and it is understandable since it has a lot of benefits:

  • You can learn whenever you want and wherever you want;
  • It is very cheap comparing with the organization of the traditional Erasmus+ residential training;
  • There is usually no restriction on who can participate, so we can say that everybody can do it;
  • It is easier for people who do not master the language of the course. As it is online you can always come back to check the content again, and if needed, you can use different online translation tools;
  • The content developed usually stays online and accessible for people, in this way we’re ensuring as well the sustainability of the European projects;
  • It gives you a possibility to connect with people from all around the world and learn from each other;
  • Usually is composed by different teaching approaches (like videos, readings, quizzes, discussing, concrete tasks), so it is suitable for different learning styles. 

Why we have created this platform?

The platform came from the concrete need to create a MOOC within one of the European projects we were running.

While applying for the project we were thinking to get de hosted in one of the big MOOC platforms, but the reality showed that it was not possible. Most of the platforms are not interested in collaboration with NGOs, which are not known worldwide, for some platforms the costs of hosting were extremely high, and then it came as well the issue with timing and limitations. It is not always realistic to have the full MOOC designed 9 months before the opening of the course. Since we were about to create our first MOOC, and realize that there is no platform where we can comfortably host our course, we have decided to create one on our own. This is how youth-mooc.eu has been created.

What is this platform for?

The platform was designed by professionals in European youth work. For that, we want it to be an important resource for any youth worker, educator, youth activist, teacher and other professional from the sector. We will keep developing the youth work oriented e-courses, especially around topics that we believe in and work on daily, such as gender and action against gender-based violence, inclusion, invisible racism, global education, youth participation and more…

Who is behind this platform?

The platform has been created by Cazalla Intercultural in the framework of New GenDeration project, co-financed by the European Union´s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

Currently the platform is being managed by the team of Cazalla Intercultural.

 Cazalla Intercultural is a local NGO located in Lorca, Murcia, in the South East of Spain, founded in 2007. The mission of our team of professionals is “To promote active citizenship, social inclusion, youth mobility, voluntary service, sustainable development, stand up for human rights, integration, non-discrimination and against gender-based violence, through non-formal education, youth information and international cooperation.