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Building Bridges

Youth Work and Peace


In Building Bridges – Youth Work and Peace MOOC you will go through different aspects of youth work and its relationship to Peace, Human Rights and Social Inclusion.

In this MOOC:

  1. You will reflect on your community and your organisation, and learn good practices on youth work, Human Rights and Peace education from around the world
  2. You will learn specific tools and methods that you will be able to implement in your community
  3. You will be inspired by real experiences shared by youth workers from across Africa, Asia and South America! 

This MOOC was created during Building Bridges (2018-2020), a global project coordinated by IFM-SEI and ELIX – Conversation Volunteers Greece, who brought together young people from the following six organisations: Girls Excel (Cameroon), Youth Advocates Ghana (Ghana), KKSP (Indonesia), JPS (Paraguay), Los Cachorros (Peru), and CYAN (Philippines).






Nadia Asri

Nadia Asri

Project officer and facilitator


Andrés Santiago

Andrés Santiago

Trainer and facilitator

ELIX- Conservation Volunteers – Greece

Nadia Asri

Nadia Asri is IFM-SEI’s Project Officer, and an experienced facilitator with a background in Human Rights education. She is passionate about inclusion, peace building, and conflict resolution. Nadia was a trainer at one of the training courses during the Building Bridges project.

Andrés Santiago

Andres Santiago is a trainer and facilitator from ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece, with a strong interest in Peace Education and social inclusion. He was a facilitator at two of the training courses during the Building Bridges project.