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Educating young people against gender based violence


Working with the issues of gender and gender based violence with young people can be tough: you may not feel comfortable to discuss the issues of gender, sexuality and violence, you may feel not competent enough to do it, you may not know educational approaches or activities on how to explore the topic of gender. Gender based violence is human rights violation, therefore, we propose you to learn how to use human rights education to discuss the issues of gender and gender based violence with young people. So: – If you work with young people- You want to bring positive change in their lives- You care about social justice, gender equality and the world free from violence- You want to learn new skills of improve the existing onesThis course is for you.

We are the team of the New Genderation project  – coming from Spain, Bulgaria and Poland, working in different youth organizations as youth workers or trainers. In our work we have been dealing with the topic of gender and gender-based violence for the past 2 years. In this course we would like to share out experience and expertise related to work with young people on gender and gender-based violence.


In part one we will explore the concepts used in this course and make a link between human rights and gender- based violence

Part 2 and 3 will focus on how to run non-formal human rights education with young people. Here we will share some useful tools you can use.

In part 4 we will help you to connect your educational practice with action against gender-based violence

And finally, in the last part, we will reflect on why the issues of gender and gender based violence are controversial and we will see how to deal with this controversy.

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