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Mini-MOOC: Critical Thinking


MiniMOOC about critical thinking is giving you a chance to understand easily what critical thinking is, how to develop your critical thinking skills and mainly how important this ability is for your everyday life but also for society in general. Don’t hesitate to get new competences you will appreciate immediately in your daily routine!

This Mini-MOOC is part of a larger initiative, and we encourage you to explore the ‘LEVEL UP Mentor’s Manual’ which complements the content you will find here. The manual provides a wealth of in-person activities that beautifully enhance and extend the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in this Mini-MOOC. Together, we are embracing a blended-learning methodology that combines online excellence with hands-on experience, enriching your educational journey. Let’s dive in and unlock your potential!


When you will finish this miniMOOC you will be able to:

    • Describe the main aims of critical thinking;
    • Explain the principles of critical thinking;
    • Combine various methods of critical thinking.


Michaela Novotná

I am a high school teacher who is focused on microbiology and genetics sciences. I am very interested in evidence based information so that´s why I established a Critical thinking club in our school. That’s the main reason why I have created Critical thinking miniMOOC which might help you to understand the basics of this Critical thinking.