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Mini-MOOC: My Strengths and Weaknesses in Learning Online


MiniMOOCs about the strengths and weaknesses of online learning can help you get new ideas for your online learning. It focuses on improving and streamlining all the different ways of online learning that are available in today’s modern world. We often find some weaknesses in online learning, but these can be solved and managed relatively quickly. Similarly, we can focus on levelling up our strengths and use all possible online tools for self-improvement. This is what these miniMOOCs focus on!

This Mini-MOOC is part of a larger initiative, and we encourage you to explore the ‘LEVEL UP Mentor’s Manual’ which complements the content you will find here. The manual provides a wealth of in-person activities that beautifully enhance and extend the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in this Mini-MOOC. Together, we are embracing a blended-learning methodology that combines online excellence with hands-on experience, enriching your educational journey. Let’s dive in and unlock your potential!


  • solve all the weaknesses of online learning;
  • work more effectively in online courses;
  • use the strengths of online learning for self-improvement;
  • work in some new online applications or platforms.


Barbora Zelenková

I am a highschool teacher with a focus on social sciences, modern history and Czech language and literature. In addition, I am studying for a PhD in history, focusing on the history of literature. My hobbies include photography, creative activities, art or reading. I love jazz music, psychology and learning new things and skills.