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Mini-MOOC: Work and Apprenticeship


Welcome to our Mini-MOOC ‘Work and Apprenticeship,’ a dynamic exploration of essential concepts that shape successful career paths. In this engaging series, we delve into the fundamental nature of learning and its profound significance. Uncover the intricate relationship between learning and the workplace, gaining insights into how continuous development propels personal and professional growth.

Embark on a journey to understand the power of proactivity, a key attribute in thriving work environments. Discover how proactivity transforms challenges into opportunities, fostering a proactive mindset that is highly valued in today’s dynamic job landscape.

Our exploration extends to the world of apprenticeships, where you’ll unravel the diverse opportunities available. From understanding the concept to exploring real-world apprenticeship scenarios, this Mini-MOOC equips you with knowledge vital for making informed career decisions.

This Mini-MOOC is part of a larger initiative, and we encourage you to explore the ‘LEVEL UP Mentor’s Manual’ which complements the content you will find here. The manual provides a wealth of in-person activities that beautifully enhance and extend the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in this Mini-MOOC. Together, we are embracing a blended-learning methodology that combines online excellence with hands-on experience, enriching your educational journey. Let’s dive in and unlock your potential!


1. Learning Dynamics:
– Understand the essence and importance of continuous learning.

2. Workplace Learning:
– Explore how learning integrates into the professional environment.

3. Proactive Mindset:
– Define and embrace the concept of proactivity.

4. Proactivity at Work:
– Apply proactive strategies for personal and team success.

5. Apprenticeship Awareness:
– Identify and comprehend diverse apprenticeship opportunities.

6. Scenario Evaluation:
– Assess real-world apprenticeship scenarios and benefits.

7. Integration for Career Development:
– Synthesize knowledge for a holistic approach to learning and career growth.


Linda Selmani

Linda Selmani is an experienced and responsible researcher. She studied International Relations and European studies and holds a Translation degree from University of Bristol. She also took part in different trainings, Erasmus and ESC projects. In E-square, she is in charge of project coordination and cooperation with partners. She is fluent in English and French.