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We AR: We Against Rumours


Hello and welcome to our online course ¨We Against Rumours¨, where we will travel across different topics, from what is discrimination, how we identify prejudices, to diversity and interculturality and last, but not least, working with the Anti-rumours strategy in youth organizations!

We invite you to join our team from Spain, Italy, Poland and Portugal and to learn from our experts about how prejudice affects us in our daily life, how we can work with young people on making them aware of discrimination and provide them with a set of tools to use in counterfighting these situations.


In Module 1 we will start talking about stereotypes and discrimination and share definitions, understand and explore of the concepts, where they come from, impact and effects of rumours/stereotypes/etc together with Cazalla Intercultural.

In Module 2 we will learn what is diversity, discuss the understanding of multiple identities and explore the benefits of diversity and you will be led by our collegues from Teatrikon!

Going on with Module 3, we talk about Intercultural competences and dive into the concepts of culture, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and communication, how to work together in intercultural groups and contexts, module facilitated by our Portuguese experts from DYPALL Network!

We will end the course with Module 4, presenting the Anti-rumour strategy, history and origins of anti-rumour strategy, main principles and elements, we will share examples and good practices for organizations to use this method in their work with young people. This module is led by ICEI, our Italian expert and lead in implementing the Anti-rumour strategy!

We cannot wait to meet you on this amazing journey!


  • Aida Onica
  • Alicja Sadowska
  • Krzysztof Jastrzebski
  • Viviana Mirenzi
  • Anna Rita Parisi
  • Francesca Ianniello
  • Simone Petrusso