Frequently Asked Questions


How to enroll in the course?

Basically you have to register first into the platform and then you can enroll in the course.
Once registered you will receive an email to your email address. Follow the link to set your password and click on login. It will redirect you to the course page. Click on the green button “Enroll in this course” and you will be registered in the course. If you then go into “My Account” page you will see the course linked to your account.





I just want to get familiar with some of the material, but I am not interested to complete the whole course. Is this allowed?

You can participate in the areas of the course based on your interests and possibilities. There is no obligation to complete all the lessons.

What is a self-paced course?

Self-paced courses do not follow a set schedule. Course materials are all available as soon as the course begins. Assignments do not have a start or due dates. You can learn whenever you want, but there will be no instructor to support you, and you will be missing on the social aspect of learning.

I am not receiving an e-mail to actívate my account, what can I do?

If you have not received an activation e-mail, please wait 5-10 minutes since the e-mails are coming with a short delay. If you have not received it after that time, check your SPAM and if still, you have a problem get in touch with us via the contact form.

Who is eligible to study through MOOCs?

MOOCs are generally open to anyone interested in taking the course, without any entrance requirements.

How much do MOOCs cost?

Our MOOCs are free of charge since they are co-financed by European funds.

In what languages are the MOOC courses offered?

For now, all our courses are in English.

How much time do I need to invest per week? How much work is involved?

The amount of work involved depends on one’s prior knowledge and is estimated at 2-3 hours per week. This involves working with the videos and the course material provided, checking one’s understanding of the curriculum with a self-test, completing the homework and participating in the discussion forums. For those interested there will be some additional content recommended, if you want to study more.

Can I still register, if a course has already started?

As a rule, course registration should take place before a course has begun – or least in the first week of the course. Starting a course late means it becomes increasingly difficult to complete all the tasks, and you are going to miss on the social learning that offers interactions with other participants.