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      Do you have volunteers in your organisation? Or are there any local associations in your community that run projects on a voluntary basis. Visit them and ask them about the impact volunteerism has had on their organisation and on their community. You can use some of the criteria used in the case study number 2 of this module.


      If you don’t find any organisation with volunteers around you, how could volunteerism benefit your local community? Do you think there is a local organisation that may be interested in developing such a project?

      Share the results here!

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      Nikka Lou

      I’ve been to my local associations where in we conduct an activity that promotes our environment more healthier, in this activity we plant trees and we also did community service where we cleaned our community by collecting garbage in the surrounding. We are super blissed to do such because we know that it is for own health anyway. In this case, we maybe don’t gain money or any reward but we were blissed still because we helped our environment to become healthy and more sustainable. It is not hard though to engage such things, in fact it is very enjoy to engage with your friends at the same time in the environment. I am looking more forward to engage more activities most specially it is for our own good.

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      Julia Kaczor

      Volunteering affects the society around me in quite a significant way. In my city we have a huge variety of organizations and associations in which young people develop themselves and others. In my opinion, volunteering causes emotional changes in people, they become more sensitive, empathic and able to cope with the difficulties sent down by fate. Volunteers in organizations very often keep everything in one efficient unit, complete the papers, create a community, make the atmosphere more pleasant and create a new dimension of tasks and a certain kind of autonomy. The benefits of volunteering certainly include opportunities to work for others, personal development and training exchanges. Volunteering gives me knowledge, the possibility of contact with another person and a sense of fulfilment.

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      Sonia Rahmani

      Volunteerism is the axe that my association depends on. We work for youth inclusion, youth empowerment and peace building. These projects teach youth how to be independent , supportive and self motivated. The engagement of our volunteers shows in the impact of activities outdoors and to beneficiaries.

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      In the organisation, volunteers are an incredible help in organising events and activities for others. In many cases these actions are their own initiative. Young volunteers also “open the eyes” of older people in the organisation, especially those who make decisions about how the organisation works. Simply put, it is easier for volunteers to see the needs and problems of young people and respond to them with new projects and initiatives. They rejuvenate the organization. They are therefore an incredible human and intellectual resource. I believe that volunteering is above all a benefit for the volunteers themselves – an opportunity to build relationships and meet their own needs. Organization is to create space for this. Thanks to the volunteers, these spaces are opened to young people. Volunteering is also an important part of the mission of a non-profit organization like ours. We do many things for free for the community.

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      I’m Saad from Pakistan, student of undergraduate.
      I’m the Chairperson of “Agriculture Volunteers Society” in my university, where I’ve my team of Volunteers and work to promote Agriculture Field in our communities.
      We have successfully made few INNOVATIVE Projects which are beneficial for our farmer community as well as local communities.
      Moreover, all kinda Leadership, skills development and knowledge enhancement is also our aim to build in new Students who wish to join us.

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      Volunteering isn’t something about a minor issue here.. Here in my surroundings it’s like getting too much benefit from it, but the people who get that benefit mainly consist of already rich ones. Thus the basic necessities of suffering ones get unfulfilled including all the six dimensions of volunteerism.
      Policies are still not been better to get access to real deserving beings. If someone tries to do this good deed on his own, the power of critical era here demolishes all his efforts..
      Here people prefer to see others under their feet and the owners of volunteering organizations think as they are the jack of all trades so whatever i observed being an volunteer and seeing volunteering around my surroundings it’s just a mess…!!
      I’m so saddened over it.. i don’t know if you would approve my thoughts but these are the facts..!!

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      Volunteering is an unpaid activity and aims to enrich the civic spirit and increase community involvement. It is important to know that volunteering is considered and recognized as a professional experience in my country.
      Through volunteering, various skills are acquired that can be used in professional life. Thus, you learn to communicate better and work in a group, to coordinate with it, to manage your time more efficiently, planning and organizing activities, you learn the structure of an organization and elements of organizational identity.

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      Do you have volunteers in your organisation?

      We have a volunteer every year in our organisation -an EVS volunteer. As I was a mentor for an EVS volunteer I want to share my experiences here:

      Volunteers need more time to create their own projects and ideas, but it is always busy in our youth work organisation. That´s why they normaly do more organisational and administrative stuff. I´m sad the situation is so, but as speaking with our CEO and others there was no way to create other structures. And that is the problem, we need more youth worker that the volunteers can focus on his/her work. I enjoyed it all the times when we have volunteers, because it is great to see what they offer, what they bring as input in our organisation and also to see how diverse is EUROPE. My experiences as a mentor are really good and I take time and care to speak with them often, even when it is my free time, after my work. I also include them in private life (making day trips, showing them Austrian culture and food). I still have contact with my EVS guy and it makes me really proud to see what he is now doing and how he is participating now in european life as citizen.

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      As I represent NGO People, I can tell about our volunteers. Some of our volunteers work abroad as ECS participants, the communities they work in know about Ukraine more now. ECS has also impact on the communities the volunteer come from as after coming back, this person will implement new skills during his/her activity.
      We also involve the volunteers to our local English Speaking Club. This people also make their impact on the local community by educating and improving over all level of English speaking skill of the community.

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      We are an LGBTQI youth organization.
      When it comes to volunteers for the safe meeting places, we called them Youth Leaders and they usually get compensation for the work that they do in order to contain confidentiality, trust, and respect.

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      Eda Arbil

      Well ın my country many people think any organization or ngo is not necessary to donate some money or help them… but still lots of volunteer people exist. Helping and sharing is important in any culture. Volunteers has some nice and creative ideas, they got meetings. They respect everyone and always kind.

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      I work directly with several voluntary organizations, I am a public employee and I am in charge of contacting organizations and organizing volunteer groups to combat COVID, from walking pets, delivering first-rate products, accompanying to hospital consultations and everything else. required. We have received praise both from the people we help directly and from public bodies.

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      I live in a small village with around 250 people, so there aren’t really any structured, local organizations offering volunteering opportunities (or, indeed, many local organizations at all). However, informally, volunteerism does happen through citizen initiative, particularly when it comes to cleaning beaches and the sea from litter in the summer months.

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      All my international results in the field of education were obtained only through voluntary work!

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      In my community volunteerism could boost the social relationships of its members and make them more dynamic and productive. I think there are some organizations already trying to achieve these results but are missing support from the public institutions and the citizens.

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      Saludos cordiales a todos.
      En mi localidad hay varios organizaciones que se enfocan al voluntariado y al consultarles ellos manifiestan que el voluntariado beneficia el desarrollo de actividades que permiten mejorar la calidad de vida de las perspectivas que habitan en mi localidad.
      Aportan también bienestar y verdadera participación ciudadana responsable y comprometida con la sociedad.

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      Siphiwe Moyo

      Here is Ireland many Youth organisations and Community projects strive on volunteers.It is great tool that brings communities together and involves young people to engage with local communities.I have volunteered with different organisations and i have gained lots of skills

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      I’ve visited community based organization in a place called dandora and I’ve engaged street children in learning skills that include making of nonpolythene paper bags .through this module 2.2 have learnt the benefits of voluntary programs

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      Fuat Yigitcan

      -In my country, people tend to help other people but not participate an organisation. Organisation are giving lots of things to society. People all around the country meet each other and put their effort into one specific thing.

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      Yasin BULAT

      Volunteering definitely affects how an organization is perceived by other org. in my community. Aside from these volunteers helping the organization run more smoothly, they also help other organizations in the city and abroad be trusted more. Additionaly, many of the foreign volunteers in Turkey are usually the only way a small organization can introduce foreign cultures and host language clubs.

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