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      • Can you define ‘volunteerism’ in your own words?
      • What are three things someone can learn during a voluntary project?
      • Does volunteerism have a touristic dimension? Is this negative and why?
      • In your opinion, does volunteerism contribute to peace? If yes, how?
      • Why is volunteerism unaffordable for some people? How can they get access to these opportunities?
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      For me, volunteerism is the use or involvement of volunteer labour, especially in community services.
      Developing new skills, discovering new passions, gaining new insights about yourself and the world around you- volunteering covers it all.
      Yes, volunteerism have a touristic dimension. And it has negative impacts also.
      Obviously volunteerism contribute to peace. Because the engagement of citizens through volunteerism can be powerful promoting social cohesion and reconciliation and helping to develop national civilian positive difference to peacebuilding processes and initiatives.
      Mainly volunteerism is a non formal & non profit organization but sometimes it is related with money transections that’s why it is unaffordable for some people.

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      Nikka Lou

      * Volunteerism in my own point of view is that, it is simply spending yourself in such activities for free but with a happiness within your yourself that you helped someone or something without engaging returns.
      * First is camaraderie, second communication skills and being compassionate to things.
      * Yes it has. All things have negatives therefore we will also expect that it has negative as well.
      * Yes volunteerism contributed peace because you chose to engage yourself in the preference of your likes.
      * Because it is simple for free and other’s cannot afford to give their self for free that is why. They can only access these if they have empathy to others because they should know that everyone needs help but without returns things involved. They should put it always in their mind.

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      Sonia Rahmani

      ** Volunteerism, in my opinion, is the time , the efforts and skills dedicated by volunteers on behalf of others to respond to different community development issues.
      ** The most important 3 things can be learned during a voluntary project are the following:
      1/ Leadership: the action of guiding and motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal.
      2/ Communication skills: the art of mastering a language through speaking with people from different countries in the world.
      3/ Creativity: by acquiring new skills and competences through either training or organizing initiatives you will think outside the box and create new innovative actions and projects.
      ** Actually volunteerism has a touristic dimension as we can see in the world many volunteers are practicing their services and enjoying discovering new cultures and places.
      ** Volunteerism is the most contributing factor in building peace because to be a volunteer you have to acquire the inner peace and then to work to reach peace in the community.
      ** Simply, volunteering is something build in some people by nature. There are many who wants to volunteer to help others and spend much time in doing good for needy , and unfortunately there are also a type of people who think about it as a waste of time.

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      Volunteering is the extension of a passion.
      Probably the most beautiful thing specific to volunteering is the fact that you feel that you can make a difference, you can change for the better certain aspects in the life of a person, a group and in general, you increase your self-confidence, you feel more confident about what you can do. In addition, you become more aware of certain social issues in the community and you can become an ambassador for that cause.
      Volunteer tourism offers a different perspective on the world: we can have a much more active spiritual life, we can help fight injustice and poverty.
      It is inaccessible to those without passion!

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      Can you define ‘volunteerism’ in your own words?
      Volunteerism is the movement of the people who will to work for free to improve the life of community and develop himself.
      What are three things someone can learn during a voluntary project?
      Soft skills, practical skills, team-work, task management.
      Does volunteerism have a touristic dimension? Is this negative and why?
      Yes, sometimes. It is not bad once all other tasks and on the way.
      In your opinion, does volunteerism contribute to peace? If yes, how?
      Sometimes. Local people by observing and interacting to the stranger in community can ruin their xenophobia and become more open minded.
      Why is volunteerism unaffordable for some people? How can they get access to these opportunities?
      Some volunteer activities are paid. Sometimes the network of volunteer organization is poor in the country, so young people just don’t about this opportunity.

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      Volunteerism means serving the community without any expectations. Voluntary projects teach people to be creative, patient, intercultural atmosphere, values of life, and leadership skills. If volunteerism happens in a foreign country, it definitely has a touristic dimension and it offers people one of the disciplines: intercultural atmosphere. Volunteerism contributes to peace because it serves for communities’ own good without response. Unfortunately, opportunities for volunteerism are a lack in some countries, also some people only have time for working paid jobs.

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      Eda Arbil

      What volunteerism means to me is care of others. In a cultural community, people improve themselves, teach others, share something and work for a better world. Volunteerism of course contributes world peace and equality. Every movement is for a better future or better life conditions for anyone.

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      Sseguya Sadam

      1. working at your on will in the environment to support and share what you know to those you feel need it.

      2. Someone gets to understand the different things in life.
      Someone gets to learn to create and think way out of the box
      Someone gets to explore new ventures in life.

      3. Not sure.

      4. Yes, it does contributes to peace, through bridging gapes btn different countries more with relations and also the volunteers get to create peace with those they volunteer at or with.

      5. Not everyone is aware and also some volunteering services need you to pay in some parts of the world.

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      1 Apoyar a quien más lo necesita compartiendo nuestras experiencias
      2 trabajo en equipo, nuestras fortalezas y debilidades
      3 claro que sí, al ser voluntario junto con la organización vamos en busca de quien nos necesita asimismo nos damos con distintas culturas y aprendemos de ellos. No creo que tenga algo se negativo conocer más allá de lo que nos rodea
      4 si, creo que al apoyar a otras personas estamos contribuyendo a la paz quizás no del mundo en general pero si la paz de uno mismo al hacerle saber que no están solos que siempre hay alguien en quien apoyarse

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      So like volunteer has the opportunity to develop your personal skills, meet a lot of peoples, can bring peace through your behavior and your creativity. In parallel, can combine touristic visits with voluntary work .

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      *Volunteerism is the reciprocate relation between two or more elements, one of them being the volunteer, in which they benefit and are benefited by the others with no financial objectives behind it.
      *Self-perspective, initiative and leadership, work skills
      *Yes it does, and it is not negative as long as it is not the only goal behind it.
      *In your opinion, does volunteerism contribute to peace? If yes, how? Yes, because volunteerism is a form of cooperation and cooperation can eventually lead to peace.
      *Because sometimes it requires and amount of time and even financial investment that many people cannot afford. A way to grant access to these opportunities to everyone is to provide financial aid and resources.

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      Siphiwe Moyo

      Volunteerism is offering your skils to contribute to the community and society at large.
      2 you learn new skills
      Connect with people from Backgrounds and you learn their cultures
      It develops you as in individual
      3 i would say it has a tourist dimensions in instances where you volunteer in other communities and countries other than yours because you see new places and test new cuisines its more of touring different places but for a good cause other than just leisure
      It does contribute to peace because some conflicts are caused by stereotypes and not knowing about certain people and if you volunteer people come together in love and peace and respect for each other and it eradicates stereotypes and discriminations and makes one love people in their diversity
      It is expensive for individuals who are not working or who cannot afford to lose some work hours as they need to support themselves and pay so the should be funding made available for those with skills and willing hearts to volunteer

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      Resham Akbar

      1- Volunteerism means doing something from our own free will to improve the lives of people. No-one is pushing you or paying you for the work you are doing.

      2- Three things someone could learn during a voluntary projects are;
      * Social interaction.
      * Learning new skills.
      * Team management.
      3- Yes, volunteering has a touristic dimension and it has a positive impact rather than negative because in international voluntary projects people explore different cultures and experience different lives around the globe, which in return make their culture be acquainted with the globe.
      4- Of course it does contribute in making peace, in volunteering people came along from different backgrounds, different religions without any gender specificity or racism, people work together for the betterment of the communities which leads to a better and peaceful world.
      5- Being in Karachi, Pakistan, it is very hard for me to have an opportunity to volunteer because there are very few organizations offering free volunteering opportunities and those too have no events to volunteer but just a memberships. I believe government should take part in this cause and initiate some opportunities for the youth so that people can work for the community and also gain experiences to groom their personalities.

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