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      •     How does war and conflict affect women and girls?
      •     Why is it important to employ a gendered approach in peacebuilding?
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      If taken into account the contextual aspects of war, girls and women are often come through to face sexual harassment, which is highly shameful. They are asked to work as maids and after that to be faced with a brutal treatment as well.It for sure turns them to lose their self esteem, worth, value even families..!!

      It’s important because each geder has it’s own standards for living and choices. A clear set of rules would reduce the conflicts..! Everyone would know what sort of things are suitable for them . Even people would work to hekp each other..!!
      So no fights no arguments..!!!

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      1. War affects women and girls by killing, displacing and impoverishing them, and subjecting them to sexual violence and enslavement. In modern wars, civilians are killed at far higher rates than combatants; women and children are the majority of civilians killed.
      2. To employ a gender approach is very important to stable a peacebuilding. A gendered approach to peacebuilding and conflict resolution should ensure that women are trained and employed in the police and security services, as the presence of more women in these forces has been shown to be effective in reducing the level of sexual violence.

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      Women make up the majority of the civilian population and, as such, are affected by conflict to a greater extent, as they are more at risk of sexual abuse, human trafficking, resettlement and widespread slavery. Due to the higher degree of social vulnerability, girls and women often face specific forms of violence, the consequences of which persist even after the end of the war (for example, unwanted pregnancies due to rape, higher risks of sexually transmitted diseases). Sexual violence in armed conflict is often a tactic of war. Women make a significant contribution to post-conflict peacebuilding and reconstruction activities and play an important role in conflict resolution.

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      1- Unfortunately, women and children are the most fragile group during the war, because they are exposed to violance, sexual violance and even slave trade.
      2- Gendered approach enables women and girls to employ without discrimination and participate the activities without doubt because it destroys the barriers of differences based of genders.

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      Nikka Lou

      How does war and conflict affect women and girls?
      Isolated case studies have documented how women experience multiple types of violence as a result of war. Evidence also suggests that while women and girls are more likely to be victims of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), SGBV against men and boys is also widespread during conflict
      Why is it important to employ a gendered approach in peacebuilding?
      Because there is a general consensus that a crucial component of a gendered approach to peacebuilding is to acknowledge gendered vulnerabilities and ensure that women and girls are afforded protection from violence.

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