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      In the context of peace education, dialogue and inclusion, explain how social accountability will help in issues concerning peace and violence. Cite example/s from your community or country to support your answer. You may also interview people from your community to add other perspectives on the importance of social accountability in peacebuilding.

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      It is well known that man is the starting point in efforts to generate social justice, democratic freedom and sustainable economic activity. I believe that there should be permanent cooperation between government institutions, political parties, civil society organizations, as well as with elites in their fields of activity, so that issues of peace and violence are paramount.

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      1. As social accountability is the process of communicating with all aspects of society, so it can be used to bring about peace in society by starting from spreading awareness in small groups and then to larger groups.
      We can also use the support of judiciary system and police support to reduce the violent actions and activities.
      2. Taking into consideration the context of educational or institutional violance , in my community there has been made a lot of difference in a positive way, children are not beaten up by the teacher, it has been made a restriction.Students can complain about what they find wrong in educational system.
      But ragging in students is still common even in girls institutions, though there are less cases are no being reported due to the efforts of social workers.
      Many people come to an agreement of working as peacebuilding makers to creat a society having no strict rules, rituals and regulations which are rigid and baseless. And their ratio is 6/10 percent.

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      Nikka Lou

      The best way to deal with humanitarian crises is to not have them in the first place. We must build resilience for individuals, families, communities and countries. World banks for example needs to World Bank need to engage early to address emerging risks.

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