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      Which of the social accountability tools resonate more to your current line of work? Briefly explain why.

      A. Community Score Cards

      B. Citizens’ Report Cards

      C. Community Mapping 

      D. Participatory Planning & Budgeting 

      E. Gender Responsive Budgeting

      F. Social Auditing

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      D: The participatory planning & budgeting is the moat under discussed point in our community. Who should be included and why someone should be included in the community. Which duty should be assigned to a person is most concerned topic.
      And who is performing his duty how much accurately is also most debatable point.
      Depennding on their performances members are assigned with different duties.!
      But at this time the buget of our community is not so good. Everything is expensive. And with passage of time things and even basic necessities are getting way more expensive.
      There has to be a fully invested consideration in this regard..!

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      Nikka Lou

      D. Participatory Planning & Budgeting . There should a need of who will be the one to decide, plan and budget for the organization to be successfully achieve the long term planning.

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