Team Building – Building team spirit amongst the students to participate more actively online.

Learning objectives

  • To have the same level of enthusiasm amongst students online.

Team building

Forum interaction

  • How do you approach group tasks?
  • Do you think you got sufficient participation from all participants?
  • How would you do it differently next time?

Lesson materials

Guess the desk – In Guess the Desk, start by having each participant takes a photo of their desk or remote working set-up and send them to the facilitator who then puts them into a shared whiteboard or Google Doc. Don’t tell anyone whose desk is whose!


During the first round select one member to be the Desk President: they cast the vote on whose desk is whose after a group discussion. After each round, the previous Desk President elects the next and the group moves on to guess the next desk. Here’s the fun part. If your desk is up it’s your job to convince everyone belongs to someone else: if the group votes incorrectly on your desk, you get a point! If you successfully guess the right desk while you are Desk President, you also get a point. After all the desks have been guessed, debrief and point out any particularly good remote working set-ups and best practices you notice and want to share!

Three Truths and a Lie


Rules: Host a video conference and ask each remote employee to tell three truths and one lie about themselves. Keep the lie realistic so it won’t be so easy for everyone to guess. The other employees need to guess which was the lie and whoever guesses right gains points. 

Objective: Playing this game helps to rid of any awkwardness as it is light and fun. Plus, it is a great way to get to know one another, especially things that aren’t common knowledge