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Hello everybody!
This is Valentina, vice president of OpenCom, one of the organizations that is part of the Coaching Tools project. What, we will do in this module, will be talk about non-formal education as a transversal methodology.

Here, we will start with a little introduction about the importance of non-formal education and coaching activities both in the non-school and school area and and as a transversal methodology that can be used by different youth workers, including teachers, to create a common approach to support the personal and professional growth of new generations.

To facilitate training, we have designed a breakdown system into objectives, according to four simple steps, which can help us support the participating groups on their path of exploration and growth. These steps reflect the individual stages of growth and adaptation that we go through during our life journey . The four step are:

1. Understanding ourselves
2. Dreaming big
3. Discovering how to reach our goals
4. Getting there in one piece (adapting and growing)

So discover with us these four step!