1. Video


Welcome to the 4th module of our MOOC. In this section you will discover some “ready to use” tools for designing the learning process with the young people you work with. You will be able to go through them, see how you can adapt them to your local context and of course practice and share your ideas with us!

Now let’s focus on the structure of this module: we divided the activities among the 4 steps process that was described in the previous section, plus we identified some more details about them, so it’s easier for professionals to pick and adapt them. The exercises will be focusing on practices of Non-Formal Education, we will be sharing ideas and experiences on do and don’ts in workshops, how to overcome challenges that unite educators all over the world and much more.

Remember, each of us can have a different approach and work with different kinds of groups and individuals, but all of us can learn from other’s experiences and points of view, so make good use of the forum section and learn with us!

2. Task

At this point of the course, we ask you to interact with the community of youth workers and educators that signed up for this course. In order to do so, please click in the “forum” button below and in the “PRESENTATIONS AND CONTACTS” discussion, entry a short presentation of yourself. We suggest you to include your field of work, experience connected to orientation/coaching/education, target group(s) you usually work with and a contact that people can use to get in touch with you.