1. Video


Hey! Welcome back!

During this video, I would like to share my experience with two of the activities of the guide that we created in the consortium. I used them both with groups and individuals and I could observe some very nice results together with the participants. The first one is “Dream boards”, which you can find among the activities suggested for the second step of the process, the “dreaming big” one. You can use this activity with children or youngsters, I think it works well with people from any age actually. The aim here is to establish and visualize goals, the participants will have 20 minutes to create a collage that includes elements of the life they would like to live in 5 years, with no limits to the imagination. You can help them enter in the dreaming mood by playing some nice music, asking some questions, give them some silent moment to reflect and set their minds free. They can use analogic or digital tools in order to create the collage, and once is done, you can ask them if they feel like sharing in plenary, or if you have some more time left, you can also create groups and let them share among each others before getting to plenary. This activity helps a lot with starting the process for the selection of realistic objectives and can also serve as a getting to know each other activity, for groups in which the participant don’t know each others much. Also, I realized it helps a lot those people who are not into talking and sharing that much, because it’s very flexible and any person can adapt it to their own way of expressing.

Another activity that I used quite a lot of time it’s “An interview with myself”, you can find it both in the first and the last step of the guide, and actually if you adapt the questions it can be used at any stage of the learning process. The activity is based on a list of questions that the participant should answer on their own, and then (if you see it feasible) share their answers with the peers, one the group get together. The age of the participants should be over 17, because some of the questions are quite complex, but if you adapt it for younger people please let us know! I won’t be reading all the questions here, but just wanted to mention that it’s good to talk to participants about the list before sending it to them, suggesting them to find a comfy place and prepare a warm cup of tea before starting to answer and of course to skip questions if they don’t feel comfortable or they feel that one or two do not fit their situation. Let them be themselves and use the tool to actually understand what is going on behind the curtains of the stage of life, in which we perform everyday. To me it was a good exercise to try to answer myself, before sharing the list with the young people I work with, it was a very interesting exercise. And you? Would you do it?

2. Text

Welcome to the third section of the last module of our MOOC! As you could see in the video, we keep on going through the activities that we can use with our participants and we just mentioned one of the methods that we suggested for the second stage of our coaching/orientation process: “Dream boards”. Have you seen the rest of the activities? Have a look at them at pages 66 – 73 of the guidehttps://www.dropbox.com/s/tj99jg8ik1w3cf1/coaching%20resize.pdf?dl=0

3. Task

Now, as a mean to get familiar with the activity we mentioned in the video, why don’t you try to prepare a dream board yourself? You can use one of the templates on https://www.canva.com/ (it’s easier if you look for “vision board” in the search engine of the webpage), or start from scratch, mix analogic and digital mediums…just as if you were in the classroom!

Take your time to go through the debriefing questions and actually visualize yourself in 5 years. This will help you to better understand how your participants might feel and can give you ideas on how to improve their education experience.

If you need to have a look at some examples of the boards you can make with canva, here you can see three of them:

View Victor’s dream board https://www.canva.com/design/DAFgiYdaaqo/1P-8rTGX2_S5ANKYtrpOig/edit?utm_content=DAFgiYdaaqo&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

View Ana’s dream board https://www.canva.com/design/DAFgiSIpLLM/U-kxa8YEwX9JakRGqU5zkA/edit?utm_content=DAFgiSIpLLM&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

View Kara’s dream board https://www.canva.com/design/DAFgicpRIwM/AVjBOsti7oBLvdPDnLwYzQ/edit?utm_content=DAFgicpRIwM&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton

And now…set your dreams free!