Here we are with the third step of our coaching journey. The activities that we approach in this phase are collected in the pages 75 – 84 of the guide (here you have it once again, just in case https://www.dropbox.com/s/tj99jg8ik1w3cf1/coaching%20resize.pdf?dl=0 ).

This stage can be quite tricky for the young participants but also for us, educators. It’s not an easy task to transform big dreams into realistic objectives and specific goals. We might know very well the theory, write the word “SMART” with lot of colors on a big paper hanged on the wall, but not having success in explaining it well to our participants and actually support them in defining the goals and objectives for their follow up plans.

Our suggestion?

1. Try it yourself first, and not just once but many time with different ideas.

2. Give it time. If at first it seems that the objectives are not specific or measurable enough, leave it aside for a while or ask other participants to cheap in and support.