1. Introduction

Youth work can support the process of understanding invisible racism, learning to deal with it and fighting the phenomenon. It does this by creating and facilitating learning opportunities. But “What are the conditions needed for the learning process to be possible?”. We will try to answer this question by exploring the concept of safe space. 

A safe space is a supportive, non-threatening environment based on active listening that encourages exchange and learning, where everyone feels at ease to express ideas, opinions and feelings. A safe space is based on an inclusive and non-judgmental approach. Building a safe space is a shared responsibility of the group (youth workers and learners) and it is a continuous work in progress. 

Through this learning module we will explore this very important aspect in youth work and reflect on why it is important to tackle invisible racism.

2. Learning objectives

  • Reflect on the inclusive dimension of the safe space for learning pathways
  • Understand the role of non-judgemental approach in creating a safe space for the learners
  • Explore situations of invisible and internalized racism while dealing with diversity
  • Learn about the role of active listening in addressing crisis