1. Introduction

Whether we like it or not, we live in a society where there are differences between individuals. Some of these differences are marked by the POWER that these individuals have or do not have. 

This is something clear, but have we stopped to think about what power means to us, and beyond that, do we know how we can help a person or a group of people to take that power? We talk about empowerment, but we need to know what power means and whether it is possible to empower someone.

2. Learning objectives

  • To understand the difference between education and empowerment.
  • To reflect about power and how to empower young people.

3. Getting into empowerment

To start talking about empowerment, we first need to think about the concept with power, and what ideas and feelings we associate with that word.  Please share what ideas you associate with the word POWER in this link.



Now check the results below:



3. Empowerment of young people

Watch this video to understand the differences between education and empowerment and what we mean when we talk about “empowerment of young people”.

4. Test your knowledge