1. Introduction

“To understand one’s uniqueness, it is necessary to understand what it is made of, what we are made of. Of beautiful things: ambitions, values, beliefs, talents. But talents must be trained, they need to be followed. One must be responsible for one’s convictions. One must take care of one’s strengths. But we are also made of pains that must be faced, of fears that must be exorcised in some way, of fragilities that must be cared for. It is not easy to get in touch with your own uniqueness. How do we keep all these things together?“  We have chosen to open this session citing part of the speech held by Drusilla Foer, alter ego of Gianluca Gori, Italian actor and theatre director, held at 2022 Sanremo Festival in Italy. 

In this session we would like to raise awareness on the importance of self-awareness in the process of empowerment and of why it is key for yourh workers to self question themselves.

2. Insight on self awareness

The process of empowerment starts with knowing ourselves. Self-awareness is fundamental to both address and overcome invisible racism.

3. Forum interaction

Self-awareness and self-analysis are essential for educators and volunteers in youth work. Name 1 to 3 qualities that a youth worker tackling racism and inclusion should have. Share your contributions on the Forum.

4. Youth worker’s role

Here’s a synthesis about the role and qualities we believe a youth worker should have. 

5. Closing the topic

  • Is the youth worker a FACILITATOR?
  • Is the youth worker a GUIDE?
  • Is the youth worker a MEDIATOR? In what way?

​​Choose​ one of the 3 youth worker ​functions and try to define it based on your ​understanding and experience.  Share your definition on the forum.