1. Introduction

Stories help us discover the world, the others and ourselves. In this session we propose you to discover the role of storytelling and personal storytelling in facilitating empowerment. You will also have the opportunity to experience a tool for learning using the personal storytelling methodology.

2. Insight on storytelling and personal storytelling

We learn from our experience, but also from the experiences of others. We learn from stories. 

The hero’s journey according to Joseph Campbell:

3. The hero’s journey activity

A Hero’s journey (1st part)


Think about an episode of invisible racism that you or someone you know experienced, either as a victim, perpetrator or bystander. Try to tell the story following “The hero’s journey” model. To realize this activity go to:


A Hero’s journey (2nd part)


Discover the stories shared by the other participants. Leave your feedback on the activity on the Feedback board. 


4. Session materials

Tool for learning “Once upon a time” included in the SEETHROUGH Manual with toolkit about invisible racism for youth workers.

5. For further study

EXULI The Compendium – A Compendium that gathers tools of non formal education and psychoanalysis to support resilience, intended as the ability to effectively deal with the contradictions of the exile condition of young migrants, to face trauma and give new impetus to their existence. The complete version of the COMPENDIUM in all the available languages can be downloaded once concluded the EXULI Massive Online Open course [online] www.exuli.eu/mooc (Replay Network aps and project partners, 2019)